Ubuntu Linux

This guide explains how to manually set up a PPTP VPN connection

on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS and start using the VPN99 service.

Step 1

Click the Network Manager icon.
alt text

Step 2

Select Vpn Connections -> Configure VPN.
alt text

Step 3

Click Add.
alt text

Step 4

Choose the PPTP connection type.
alt text

Step 5

Click Create.
alt text

Step 6

In the Gateway field type in, then enter your Username and Password. Also choose Store the password for all users.
alt text

Step 7

Click Save
alt text

Step 8

Almost done, click Close.
alt text

Step 9

Click the Network Manager icon, select VPN Connections and choose VPN99.
alt text

Step 10

VPN99 is now connected! Enjoy it!
alt text

Step 11

To disconnect, just click the Network Manager icon,
select VPN Connections -> Disconnect VPN.
alt text